About us

Win-bits.com is a website dedicated to Bitcoin gambling, which includes Bitcoin casinos, but also Bitcoin poker, as well as Bitcoin sports betting, eSports betting and daily fantasy sports. Our aim is to help people who are looking to make online wagers using Bitcoins. We offer content suited for people who know nothing about Bitcoin, as well as those who are already familiar with Bitcoin, but haven’t played online casino games with Bitcoins.

The need for a site like Win-bits.com, comes from the fact that there is an ever-increasing number of Bitcoin casinos, as well as other Bitcoin gambling websites, and potential players can often have a hard time deciding which site is trustworthy and reliable and which isn’t.

Bitcoin and How It Works

Bitcoin is a specific payment method that is different from most other methods that are accepted by casino and other gambling operators. If offers multiple benefits and advantages compared to conventional payment methods. Firstly, Bitcoin permits complete anonymity. You won’t have to reveal your identity or disclose any personal information in order to make a Bitcoin payment.

Bitcoin transactions are processed quickly, faster than credit card or even e-Wallet transactions. While deposits via most methods are processed instantly, withdrawals usually take much longer, but Bitcoin withdrawals are often completed within minutes, and no longer than few hours, unless the operator has a specific payment processing policy that requires longer waiting periods.

Bitcoin Casinos

Knowing the advantages of Bitcoin isn’t sufficient, and that’s why we’ve included articles that explain and define Bitcoin, that will teach you where and how you can obtain Bitcoins and how can you use them at Bitcoin casino websites.

We also explain the specifics of Bitcoin casinos, what sort of games are offered, alongside other useful information. Bitcoin casinos often offer various bonuses and we feel that it is vital for every Bitcoin player to understand how Bitcoin bonuses work before claiming one.

Other Bitcoin Gambling Websites

Win-bits.com is not dedicated only to Bitcoin casino gaming, even though that’s the primary focus. Since playing poker and betting with Bitcoins are offered by multiple betting and poker sites, we also provide information on the specifics of Bitcoin poker, Bitcoin sports betting, including Bitcoin eSports betting and daily fantasy sports. Moreover, we also cover Bitcoin bingo.

Those of you that wish to play casino games, poker, bingo or bet using Bitcoins, on their mobile devices shouldn’t worry, as we cover mobile Bitcoin gambling as well.